Saturday, January 9, 2010


OK few people, as in everyone that knows me, know that I wants at least 5 tattoos... but right now I face eviction if I get one, typical... ANYWAY I wanted to get my first one, a Sagittarius sign, on my head but no can do because its not aloud, wonderful. So I decided first on shall be, drum roll please

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr da bam pishaw!

On my side! Right side to be exact! whether I'm going to get Sagittarius or not is in debate! I like the one illustrated in this blog some the fuck where... I'm really bad with computers... but I also want a dance related tattoo so going to have to see!


  1. On Your head? Like your forehead? lol

    Are there really dance related tattoos? Sean seriously though.. Do you wanna be old nd wrinkly with a wrinkly tattoo aswell? :/

  2. Yes there is Stephen! Do you actually think I am that dumb or something? I've wanted a tattoo since i was sixteen but I've waited this long to see if i was serious! And you change you tun every five minutes!