Monday, January 11, 2010

People must want me to kill them!

LOL dramatic title but ti's true. 1st reason, I got 2 texts messages from my college today saying it will be open tomorrow and one saying it will be open Thursday, I know its open tomorrow but I wanna slap the text message sender! The other reason is I'm constantly having conversations with the other person who is in a negative mind and even though I avoid that shit I say to this person"Its all good look on the bright side blah blah blah" and then they start complain more saying its all useless and then I just say "Hum OK well... if that's how you feel, I'm hear to talk." then they say "What? No, you know what I gotta look on the bright side, but I appreciate you trying!" -_-...

lol but anyway my babies they big freeze is ending and the snow is melted! My heart is warming and I'm sending happy and positive vibes.


  1. You're hardly sending out positive vibes with that title! :O What a silly friend (if you dont mind me saying so) At least you did try.. and he/she does notice so thats good :)

  2. silly silly person... BOO to them...!