Sunday, January 3, 2010


*I'm not linking this because its just for you guys. And Rain I am very sorry for inconsistency.

If there is one this Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss and I have in common its the belief that snow covers up and makes things look beautiful. Even though we may be thinking of different types of snow, the results are the same. Both kinds are trecherous, both kinds make you feel refreshed and both kinds kill. Roses have thorns, mistletoe is poisonous and then there is snow, the most dangerous of all, because it lures you with its beauty and its not until your in too deep that you realize you've endangered yourself. When I look out my window and see my avenue covered with what looks like white powder making everything so white, so pure, so perfect I am filled with a feeling of excitement, new beginnings and a blank canvas on which I can paint a new life. Which is great! They are an amazing thing, new beginnings I mean. However, no matter how much you believe in yourself there is always going to be people form your past trying to hold you back. If you were a nasty person in the past and you decide to make amends and change your ways, there are always going to be those gossipers who don't want others to believe you... and if your alone, you could fail and revert back to your old ways with just another chip on your shoulder. Ignore them! Its hard but you need to just move on. If you want to make a change in your life focus on it, and when you are feeling like your succeeding, thats when they will strike, those bitches, cravings, whatever is holding you back. How do you deal with them? Humbly acknowledge them, "Yes I used to smoke", "Yes I did used to sleep around a bit", "Yes I did spread gossip", but don't give in to them, face them. Your past is your past. What you have done cannot be undone, but you can make sure it won't be redone, for get those who live in the past, they'll rot with their bitterness, and you'll be moving on. New people in your life won't care what you have done or who you were, they want to know what you are doing and who you
Remember to love yourself. Mistakes may have been made but thats all a learning experience. You control who you are, no one else does, no one really believes rumors and scandal, people are naturally curious and once someone realizes that you are an honest, unique and humble person they will make they're own opinion on you. However the only opinion that really matters is truly your own, if you think your a bad person who is hated so will the people around you, however if you really believe in yourself and make an effort people will see this and love you.


  1. Beautiful and very poetic. <3
    A blank canvas at the beginning of a new year is a great time to look to the future.

  2. Yeah baby lol keep smiling as a mutual friend would say.... <3